Company’s Mission

Nowadays every modern company wants to build its market advantage by creating the most effective business model possible. The basic condition for that is to avoid all unnecessary expenditures and retaining high standards at the same time.

In accordance with its mission, DGP helps Polish entrepreneurs to achieve these goals by rendering outsourcing services in such areas as laundering, cleaning services, catering or property protection. Thanks to entrusting professionals with this kind of tasks, modern companies save time, capital and resources, at the same time gaining the guarantee of high quality. It allows the entrepreneurs to focus on the main goals of their companies’ activity.

We constantly follow the latest technological and logistic trends and then we implement them in our company. The system of trainings and internal audits allows us to consistently raise the level of the services rendered. For you, establishing cooperation with our company will be an investment in modernity, quality and responsibility.

Thanks to over twenty years of experience, strong financial base and our presence on the territory of the whole country, we are able to meet the greatest challenges of the market.