Scope of Activity

The DGP Group renders a very wide scope of services. In accordance with the philosophy of outsourcing we relieve companies and institutions of the duties which we can do better and cheaper. In our activity we focus on four basic areas. These are tidying and cleaning services, laundry services and rental, protection services, and catering. The activity in these areas is carried out by specialised partnerships belonging to our capital group.

DGP Laundry Partner is a modern partnership that supports enterprises and institutions by rendering to them services in the area of laundering as well as renting clothes and utility fabrics (such as bedlinen, tablecloths, towels, etc.). Thanks to close cooperation with leading producers of machines and detergents as well as clothing manufacturers we can offer you solutions of the highest standard.

DGP Clean Partner is a partnership that renders services of maintaining cleanliness inside buildings and around them. Thanks to constant contact with producers of cleaning supplies and cleaning devices we systematically implement the most modern technologies and solutions. The company also renders services of green space designing as well as supporting entrepreneurs by conducting trainings and consulting.

DGP Security Partner was set in order to provide protection for entrepreneurs and private persons. We offer complex services in this filed: protection of property and persons, video surveillance of facilities as well as convoying financial means. In order to maintain high quality we constantly invest in the most modern equipment and in raising our employees’ qualifications.

DGP Catering Partner offers high quality services in the area of nutrition. Our greatest asset is high class food which we prepare all the meals from. Thanks to a careful selection of food suppliers we are certain that our dishes are healthy and nutritious. We offer a rich menu adjusted to the preferences of our Customers. For us quality is most important – it has to be tastily and healthily.

Outsourcing services solve many problems connected with purchasing and storing of means and equipment. There is no need to maintain many unnecessary work places. Using our services allows companies and institutions to save precious time and significant financial means. Thanks to that they can focus on their most important areas.