Terms of use

Copying, duplicating, republishing, placing on a server, distributing, sending, uploading on internet sites, and also using the Website www.grupadgp.pl and any content there included to create derivative works without prior consent of DGP is forbidden.

DGP grants the User non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited consent to use access to the  Website www.grupadgp.pl and to display the content there included, exclusively on his/her own computer and within the confines of non-commercial use of the Website.

Such a consent is granted under the condition that the User will not modify the content included on the Website www.grupadgp.pl, will leave the reservations concerning property rights without any change, including copyrights and trademarks, and will accept all terms and notes attached to the content of the Website www.grupadgp.pl or included there in another way.

Without regard to the above-stated provisions, all the software and other materials available for downloading or using by way of the Website www.grupadgp.pl, subject to separate licence conditions, conditions of use or reservations, will be subject to such licences, conditions and reservations.

Violating the conditions and reservations contained in the Website www.grupadgp.pl will cause automatic and immediate withdrawal of the rights given to the User, without prior notification. In such a situation the User will be obliged to immediately destroy all the copies of the downloaded materials remaining in his/her possession or controlled by him/her. Except for the limited consent given in the previous paragraph, DGP does not give the User any express or implied rights or licences in the scope of any patents, trademarks, copyrights or other rights concerning intellectual property.

The User cannot transfer the content included on the Website to other internet websites and to other information carriers.