Hygiene and disinfection – the greatest friends of your hospital

Hygiene and disinfection at hospital are basic elements of disease fighting. In health service facilities proper cleaning and disinfection are the first steps to improvement of the patients’ health condition and well-being.

We offer you services in the scope of cleanliness maintenance and space disinfection on the premises of health care institutions.

In a complex and professional way

Our activities concern all hygienic zones at hospital, staring from the operating suite, the sterilisation room, through treatment rooms, patients’ rooms to traffic routes and toilets. For this purpose we use professional detergents of reputable companies. The disinfection preparations applied by our company possess all the necessary permits and certificates required by Polish law, and the scope of activity is selected individually according to the Customer’s needs. We perform disinfection with the steam method and fogging of rooms in the case of epidemiological centres. We also supply our Customers with all necessary materials, we perform floor polymerisation, marble crystallisation, window cleaning, including windows at heights.

In order to provide complex service for hospitals, we perform the works of internal transport: medical and public utility waste transport, transport of used and clean linen, the service of the hospital cloakroom, the service of clothing storehouse at hospital. Our employees employed at the posts of hospital attendants, having been trained, perform also auxiliary activities with patients, i.e. help with toilet, help with patients’ transport, help with patients’ position changing, and other.

We offer:

  • complex approach towards cleaning services at hospital
  • services of internal transport, help with patients
  • the most modern technologies in the scope of health service facility cleaning
  • disinfection means and professional detergents adjusted to individual needs and standards of a medical institution
  • cleaning equipment and devices of the highest quality
  • cleaning staff of broad knowledge in the scope of hospital hygiene selected according to the Customer’s needs
  • medical support in the scope of hospital hygiene


Choosing cooperation with DGP you relieve yourselves of the duty to create a cleaning team and, what follows, to train and improve their work. You create a clean and safe place for your patients and employees, you save time and money, devoting yourselves only to your work and duties.

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