Laundering and rental services for health service units
We would like to offer you laundering and rental of hospital linen.
Laundering and rental services for hotels and gastronomy
We offer you laundering and rental of hotel and gastronomy linen.
Laundering and rental services of working and protecting clothing
Laundering and rental of working clothing is the offer you can really benefit from.
Sale and lease of entrance mats
They ensure cleanliness, protect against slipping, improve interior aesthetic qualities.
Cotton towel automatic dispensers
We offer you a product friendly to the environment and to your wallet. A modern solution, which the ecological dispenser is, means durability and reliability.
DGP Laundry Partner

DGP Laundry Partner is a modern partnership that supports enterprises and institutions by rendering to them services in the area of laundering as well as renting clothes and utility fabrics (such as bedlinen, tablecloths, towels, etc.). Thanks to close cooperation with leading producers of machines and detergents as well as clothing manufacturers we can offer you solutions of the highest standard.

The services of laundering and rental rendered by us solve many problems connected with clothing purchase, storage, washing and repairing. This allows companies and institutions to save precious time and significant financial means. Thanks to that they can focus on their most important areas.