How to transport money in a fast and safe way?

Transport of financial means is always a serious matter for banks and companies.

If you want to do it in a fast and safe way, you should take advantage of our experience in this field. We have at our disposal fully armed and well trained convoy units, equipped with specialised vehicles adapted for transport of money.

Convoys and cash collection
We carry out constant convoys of money values for banks and companies. We also do everyday cash collections from trade companies. We always care about observing the highest security standards because we understand that we are entrusted with a very responsible duty.

People and equipment
The safety of the transport is ensured by professionally trained and very experienced units equipped with modern means of communication. The guards are armed with helmets, bullet-proof vests and small guns. They also have vehicles adapted for transport of money values in the M2-C2 class.

Experience is the guarantee of safety
Our company’s long-standing experience allows us to fully use the possessed human and technological potential. Many years of the company’s activity have enabled us to work out the highest standards in the field of protection. We guarantee that using our services will be for you an investment in real safety.

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