Protection of persons and property

Long-standing experience, modern weaponry and means of communication, professionally trained intervention patrols.
Video surveillance
Advanced surveillance systems, instantaneous response to alarming signals, technical supervision and maintenance of alarm equipment.
Convoys of money values for banks and companies, cash collection from trade companies, specialised vehicles and modern weaponry.
DGP Security Partner

DGP Security Partner was set in order to provide protection for entrepreneurs and private persons. We offer rendering services in the scope of safety in the field of protection of persons and property, video surveillance of facilities, convoying, event protection and in the scope of technical protection of property. In order to maintain high quality we constantly invest in the most modern equipment and in raising our employees’ qualifications. We carry out complex security audits in order to establish the level of security and to offer the Customer optimal solutions.

Long-standing experience has allowed us to work out the highest standards of safety. We willingly listen to our Customers’ opinions and we treat them as a source of very precious hints. They allow us to create flexible and innovative solutions adjusted to our partners’ actual needs. Our services are used by companies that expect services in the optimal proportion of the price to the quality, thus our clients include leaders in their trades, brands of global range, large national enterprises as well as small and middle-size firms – all our clients share one thing: respect towards hard work and attention to the costs.